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"I believe in feeding and treating our skin right."

Meet LIZ


Hello Beautiful, you have just discovered our newly opened little beauty shop from Australia. We sell handcrafted, all natural and organic skincare and beauty products that are truly made with pure ingredients, love and the goodness of the earth!

Hi, My name is Liz, 34 a Mum of 3 (Ages 17, 4 & 1) and with my beloved husband Ell, we both want to share to you our love for Natural skincare. My obsession with skincare grow every single morning I wake up. I always enjoy feeding my skin with just natural skincare and always look forward on doing it everyday. I love applying the best product on my skin and when I say ‘best’ means Natural from plants or fruits. When I was younger, my Mum taught me to use botanicals and fruits on skin. She always tells me that it is better to use fruits or juice from some greens than feeding our skin with chemical ingredients! And heck she is absolutely right! That is why, I believe in feeding and treating our skin right.

Our skincare and beauty products are made only with Natural and organic ingredients that are beneficial to our skin. Fillers, additives, harsh preservatives are a big NO NO for me. We only use ingredients that are high quality to provide only the best skincare products and before I forget, let me pls tell you, they’re all made with so much love and care. :)

THANK YOU for taking time to visit our new little shop and hope you find what your heart desires. :)

XO, Liz

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